Central Valley young people and their families are ready for a representative that will fight for a better future

A week before the California primary, PowerCA Action proudly announces our endorsement of Esmeralda Soria for Congressional District 16.


As a statewide multi-racial civic engagement organization, PowerCA Action builds the political power of young people of color in California to pass progressive legislation, elect candidates and hold elected leaders accountable to governing with an agenda that will transform our communities. PowerCA Action and its sponsored committee Youth Power PAC is the only organization of its kind focused on building a voting bloc of young voters of color. This year we will engage over 250,000 young voters on the phone, at the door and online so that young people can be the difference we need to win this year and transform our state. 


PowerCA Action is endorsing Esmeralda Soria for Congressional District 16 because she will represent young people of color and their families with bold leadership and bold solutions that we need. As a daughter of immigrant farmworkers, Soria is currently the only woman on the Fresno City Council and the second Latina to ever serve on the council. At the local level, she has championed issues impacting young people and working families to make the City of Fresno safer and stronger for everyone.


It is time for bold new leadership. For decades, Central Valley elected representatives have maintained the status quo. Whether it’s the health of our residents, educational outcomes, or even how long we will live, the region continues to score at the bottom. We deserve better. Soria is committed to protecting our environment, keeping families together, and supporting affordable housing for all. She is a strong voice for working families and improving the quality of schools and college affordability.


We support her bold agenda to hold corporations accountable, make college affordable, and support and invest in young people of color and our future. Soria has a strong record of investing in the growth and leadership of young people as a city college professor and by leading the development of a number of youth programs during her tenure on the city council. For 15 years she has fought for those most vulnerable in our communities including, immigrants, refugees, poor and working class families.


Vote for Esmeralda Soria on March 3.

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2nd Floor

Oakland, CA 94612


2020 by Power California Action