Power California Action was originally founded in 2011 as MIV Action Fund. In 2018, MIV Action Fund became PowerCA Action  with the purpose of building a multi-racial, multi-ethnic voting block of young immigrants and refugee people of color and their families. 

Past Campaigns


YES on SCA 5

Make It Fair

 Worked to reform the commercial property tax assessment provisions of Proposition 13 in order to generate revenue for education and restore California’s social safety net.


YES on Proposition 47

Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act

Helped pass this landmark criminal justice reform to end felony sentencing for non-serious and nonviolent crimes by mobilizing immigrant and refugee New American voters in historically conservative areas of the state in partnership with PowerPac Voter Fund.


YES on Proposition 30

Temporary Taxes to Fund Education

Helped win this initiative that generates billions in new revenue for education and critical services by taxing the wealthiest Californians.


NO on Proposition 32

"Paycheck Protection" Initiative

Helped successfully protect the rights of union workers to contribute to campaigns and candidates while limiting creation of new special exemptions for corporate interests.

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